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Greece has a large number of Motor and Sailing Yachts.


Most of the Greek owners, traditionally maintain their Yachts in a professional way.


Most of them they owned a Yacht since many years ago.


  • A first question by a Buyer could be:


How can I be sure about the condition of the Yacht I am interested for?


First of all, we will try to provide you with all available information and images about the Yacht you have contacted us for.


On the other hand, we always recommend the appointment, by the Buyers, of qualified Surveyors and there such in Greece, who will "scrutinize" the Yacht and will come up with a full survey report that will reveal every single part of the Yacht that should draw attention and their recommedations.


With the survey and the relevant report you will know precisely what the condition of the specific Yacht is.


  • His second question can be:


About the legal part of the yacht i.e. validity of documents, liens, mortgages, loans, valid Bill of Sale, etc.


In Greece there are experienced lawyers in yachting who for decades, have dealt with international and Greek yachting matters.


They have contributed to the transactions of thousand of Yachts and they present a long and deep experience.


The Greek authorities although bureaucratic, they provide all the required documentation that secures the transactions in yachting matters

i.e. every demand on a yacht  such as mortgages, encumbrances, liens, loans is submitted to a specific governmental office.


Thousands of yachting transactions have been performed with foreign customers during the last decades, proving that Greece is a very safe and interesting destination for Yacht Buyers.

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